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We provide 3 concentrations of GS-441524. 
{15mg/ml} is formulated for cats weighing less than 2.5kg.  
{20mg/ml} is formulated for cats weighing more than 2.5~4kg.  
{30mg/ml} is formulated for cats weighing more than 4kg.  

Your cat will gain weight as it recovers.  Weigh your cat daily and use this calculator to adjust the dosage accordingly.  DO NOT reduce the dosage during the treatment. Reducing dosage will increase the likelihood of a relapse in the future.

We recommend using a 2ml syringe and a 21 or 23 gauge needle with a length of 2.5cm to perform the injections.

Type of FIP

Type of Concentration

Cat's Weight in Kilogram

Daily Dose

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