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We offer 2 types of treatment, Injections & oral capsules

Which is suitable for my cat?
Injections are recommend during the first 30 days of treatment or when symptoms are severe.
Oral is recommended when your cat is eating and pooping normally, and no longer display neurological or ocular symptoms.

Volume of per vial of injection?

We offer 3 injection concentrations 

Is your treatment ready for use?

USING GS-441524

How much and how often?
Take 1 injection or pill per day, based on your cat's body weight for 12 weeks.

What's the correct dosages for my cat?
Wet FIP = 6mg/kg.  
Dry FIP = 8mg/kg.
Ocular & Neurological FIP = 10mg/kg.

These recommended dosage are the lowest dosage you should use for the stated symptoms. You may increase the dosage if your cat is not responding positively to the above dosages. Increase dosage at 2mg/kg increments. Do not reducing the dosage during the treatment as it may increase viral resistance to GS, thus prolonging the treatment and increase the probability of relapses in the future.

 Use our DOSAGE CALCULATOR to calculate appropriate dosage for your cat.

What should I feed my cat during the treatment?
Freshly cooked fish, chicken and other natural foods.  If your cat has diarrhoea, consider switching to dry cat food for a few days until diarrhoea stops.

How long is the treatment?
The recommended length of treatment is 12 weeks. However, the actual treatment length may depend on many factors such as how quickly your cat responds to the treatment,  the stage of the FIP infection when you began the treatment, and your personal financial situation.  Contact us for FREE consultation on this matter.

Can GS-441524 be used along with other medications?
Yes, GS is an antiviral treatment, and can be use with other medications to improve the overall health of your cat.  However, Lysin are not recommend to use along with GS.

What size of needle for the injections?
We recommend a 23 gauge needle, 3ml or 5ml syringe. 

What else?
As your cat begin to heal, it will gain weight as appetite returns and regular eating begins.  Weigh your cat once per week and adjust the dosage accordingly.  Work closely with your veterinarian for address possible complications that may occur such as liver and kidney damages and infections.

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