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Basmi FIP Addresses Brand Imitation Concerns

Basmi FIP Addresses Brand Imitation Concerns

Basmi FIP, a leader in the provision of GS-441524 for the treatment of Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), has issued a formal statement concerning recent unauthorized use of its brand name and logo by an unrelated entity. This misuse not only creates confusion among consumers but also poses potential health risks to numerous cats by erroneously suggesting an association with Basmi FIP's trusted and proven treatment solutions.

For over five years, Basmi FIP has been dedicated to providing GS-441524, a highly effective treatment for Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP), a serious disease affecting cats worldwide. Our commitment to the health of cats and the support of their owners has always been at the heart of what we do. Our relentless focus has significantly lowered the fatality rate of this once often fatal disease, establishing GS-441524 as a cornerstone treatment in the veterinary care of feline coronavirus.

However, recent developments have revealed that a new entity using the "" URL has unlawfully adopted the Basmi FIP name and similar branding. We urgently notify our customers and the public that this entity is not affiliated with Basmi Fip and their products fail to meet our stringent standards of quality and efficacy. Basmi FIP is actively pursuing robust legal measures to address this infringement and protect our respected brand reputation.

Basmi FIP Triple Guarantee Program

In reaffirming our commitment to quality and customer trust, Basmi FIP is proud to announce our enhanced Triple Guarantee program, designed to provide the highest levels of satisfaction and support for our customers and their pets:

  • Refund Guarantee: We stand by the quality of our GS-441524 treatment. Should it fail to meet your expectations, we offer full refunds on all unopened bottles. You can dive into the details [here].

  • Lowest Price Guarantee: Committed to making FIP treatment affordable and accessible, Basmi FIP will not only match but beat by 5% the price of any comparable treatment found elsewhere. You can dive into the details [here].

  • Relapse Guarantee: Recognizing the complexity of FIP, we have a detailed and comprehensive support plan for the rare instances (~3%) where a relapse occurs, which can be reviewed here.

We urge our customers to remain vigilant and ensure that any product they purchase comes directly from our verified channels to guarantee they receive the genuine, tested, and trusted formula that has aided in the recovery of so many cats from FIP.

We are currently taking legal steps to resolve this issue and continue to safeguard the trust you have placed in us. Your pet’s health and your peace of mind are our utmost priorities. Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team.

FIP is a serious disease, but early detection can help improve the chances of a positive outcome. If your cat is showing symptoms of FIPtake them to your nearest veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment. If you have any questions or concerns about FIP and its treatment, don't hesitate to contact us on WhatsApp or visit our Instagram for more information.

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