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Saving Kiki: A Heartfelt Journey of a Cat's Battle with Wet FIP

Saving Kiki: A Heartfelt Journey of a Cat's Battle with Wet FIP

As a cat lover and owner, Umie Hani's story of Kiki's battle with Wet FIP strikes a chord with many pet owners. Wet FIP is a rare and fatal disease that affects cats, and Umie's unwavering love and perseverance to save Kiki is a true testament to the bond between pets and their owners.

In the beginning, Umie noticed a physical change in Kiki's body, which prompted her to take action immediately. When the vet diagnosed Kiki with Wet FIP, Umie was devastated but determined to do everything in her power to save her beloved cat.

The treatment process was not easy, and it required 84 days of GS-441524 medicine and injections. Umie's decision to give Kiki an immune booster while administering the GS-441524 medicine was not without consequences. Kiki's stomach grew to an alarming size of 41cm, and she struggled to breathe due to the excess water in her abdomen and lungs. In a moment of panic, Umie turned to BasmiFIP for help, and their advice to stop giving the immune booster proved to be a lifesaver for Kiki.

The journey to recovery was a rollercoaster ride of emotions, but Umie never gave up on Kiki. She made sure that Kiki received the best possible care and extra supplements for her internal organs. The blood tests conducted throughout the treatment process showed signs of improvement, and after 90 days of observation, Kiki looked healthier and happier than ever before.

The experience of Kiki's battle with Wet FIP taught Umie to never take a single moment for granted and to cherish the time she has with her beloved cat. This sentiment is shared by many pet owners who understand the special bond they have with their furry friends.

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Umie Hani's story of Kiki's battle with Wet FIP is an emotional journey of love and perseverance. It highlights the bond between pets and their owners and the lengths they will go to save their beloved companions. This heartwarming story is a reminder to pet owners to always cherish the time they have with their furry friends and to never give up on them, no matter how difficult the journey may be.

Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) virus is a highly replicative and fatal disease in cats. If your cat is showing symptoms of FIP, take it to your nearest vet immediately, or you can contact us via WhatsApp and we will try to help you.

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